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DJO Dura-Stick&reg; Premium Self-Adhesive Electrode, Stainless Steel Mesh, 2'' x 2" Image shown for reference purposes only. Actual product appearance may vary. Please read product description for full and accurate details

DJO Dura-Stick® Premium Self-Adhesive Electrode, Stainless Steel Mesh, 2'' x 2"

Item #: CH42174
Manufacturer: Milliken Medical
HCPCS: A4595

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The site where the electrodes touch the skin serves as a point of conversion between the flow of electrons used by the electrotherapy device and the flow of ions within the body’s tissues. To form a closed circuit between the device and the patient’s tissues, at least one electrode from each of the device’s output leads must be in contact with the patient’s skin. Properly prepared and placed electrodes increase the efficiency of the electrical current while allowing for less discomfort from the treatment.

  • Choice wire and molded connectors.
  • Even layer of pure conductive silver and non-irritating conductive gel for superior conformity and bonding.
  • Flexible, durable construction for longer life and excellent adherence.
  • Provides optimal current dispersion with low impedance.
  • Latex-Free.


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